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Pool Billiards Supplies Dot Com was started back in early 2008. Billiards is a great game and this site is about anything pool and billiards. This is a nice platform to write about anything from pool tables or pool cues to hand chalk and billiards chalk. Knowledge is one of the best billiard supplies you can have. You will find some great billiards instruction here and you are encouraged to comment with your opinions and advice.

Knowing all you can about how to play billiards and knowing about billiards equipment available can enhance the game for you in a big way. Please feel free to leave pool and billiards related comments as you wish. Let’s get the info flowing and make this a giant pool school. Comments from billiards fundamentals to advanced pool playing tips and tricks will be appreciated by all.

Let’s help everyone learn how to play pool at a higher level.

Due to a poor hosting company, all of the original content was lost. This is the first post in the revival of the site. I will attempt to retrieve what I can from the original content from article sites where some of the posts where  published.

It’s good to have http://www.poolbilliardssupplies.com back on line.

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  1. Akaash Prasad Says:

    March 21st, 2012 at 12:33 PM

    Billiards is a great game and played gently. There are varieties of shots which has been played and require perfection to play them well. lot of practice is required to become a professional pool player.

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