8 Ball Winning Strategies.
Give Yourself that needed edge on Your competition.

From: Ted Mauro
RE: I am writing this because of the frustration that I have personally felt while learning how to win playing 8 ball. My goal is to short cut the learning curb for as many people as possible.

There are some common mistakes that all players make when playing 8 ball or any pool game, in some cases. I have put together a free course on the fundamentals of billiards and would recommend this as a definite starting point for new players and a great review for more seasoned players. You will find the page to request the course with the Free Fundamentals Tab above.

This letter is dealing mostly with 8 ball and some awesome secrets and tactics that will have you winning more games than you lose in a flash.

Do You Ever Run all Your Balls and then Miss the 8 Ball?
Do you shoot in all the easy balls and leave the trouble balls for last?
Do you miss that key shot that will get you out of the rack?
Is playing defense part of your 8 Ball game?

Many players can run 5, 6 or even 7 balls and then fail to get position or even worse, choke an easy shot on the 8 ball. I observe players all the time who shoot in all their easy balls and leave the ball stuck in a cluster or behind another ball for last. The average player will then make some crazy attempt at the tied up ball and leave the table wide open for their opponent to run out. I watch many players get to the 8 ball and miss it no matter how easy it is. Having the game in the palm of your hand and then missing an easy shot is one of the most miserable feelings that I have personally experienced. How about you?

Brush up on or learn the Fundamentals of Billiards with the free course and then master the strategies necessary for winning consistently when playing 8 Ball.

I wrote an E Book filled with diagrams and videos, called "8 Ball Winning Strategies" and I wrote it with winning 8 Ball games in mind.

I have been playing pool in leagues on multiple teams, several nights per week for the past 23 years. Before that I was playing sometimes daily in pool halls and rec centers. I'm a certified instructor with the ACS (American Cue Sports Alliance) and I flat out enjoy good pool and watching new players learn the game.

There are many strategies when it comes to winning any pool game. There are some specific to 8 ball which present themselves over and over again. Knowing how to recognize these opportunities and traps and then execute the shot will elevate your game from day 1.

Leave Your Opponent Leaning on A Pool Cue or Sitting in A chair wondering what happened as you run out rack after rack.

  • Bring Your level of Play to the next level on the Double. Experience the feeling of knowing how to win and executing the correct shots for making your balls and keeping you opponent kicking at balls.
  • Learn How to Plan Your Run Out Pattern Immediately After the Break Shot.There are certain racks that are easier to run than others. Experience the feeling of knowing you can run out directly after the break. Your opponent can't win if he or she doesn't get to shoot.
  • Master the Art of Defense and Keep Control of the Game.Knowing when to play offense and when to play defense will help you win more games immediately. Playing good defense also has an effect on your opponents psyche.  Have you heard the saying psyche him out? This is exactly what good safety play can do to your opponent.
  • Learn some incredible secrets about breaking the rack in 8 ball.Watch videos and find out how to get a good spread and even pocket the 8 quite often when breaking in 8 ball. Having a good spread and pocketing a ball leaves you in control of the game. Running out and playing safe are both achievable and being in control equals winning games.
  • Discover strategies and techniques for pocketing the 8 ball (Money Ball) and eliminate the choke.Learn how to cinch the money ball in 8 ball and other pool games. Figure out what's going through your mind and causing you to miss key shots. Make these few mental corrections and watch your win percentage sky.

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Get all the details on the subjects above with Video Examples to make it Crystal Clear.
Take your game and your confidence to a whole new level.
Pool players will shake in their boots when they draw you in a match or your quarters hit the challenge table.

There is no better feeling than knowing you can win any game against any player.

This has to start with knowledge first and then practicing execution of the knowledge. "8 Ball Winning Strategies" provides the knowledge and straight out videos on how to practice the execution. You will find out how to plan safety shots 2 or more shots in advance. You will know when it's smart to miss a shot and leave the table in a cluster. You will discover how to get in your opponents head strictly through your style of play and without cheap verbal sharking.

When you study "8 Ball Winning Strategies" you will know how to recognize the techniques used by your opponent when they try to get you to miss that key shot. You will know how to turn the tables with pure good old fashioned pool shooting.

Knowledge is Power!

"8 Ball Winning Strategies" Provides the knowledge that you need for winning 8 ball games like a machine. Gain an distinctive edge on your opponents when you expose your mind to this knowledge. Because you will learn so many killer secrets, you will earn a whole new reputation in your circle of pool players.

You get a full 60 day satisfaction Guarantee.

If Your not Happy, I don't want your money. Just shoot me an email within 60 days of purchase and You will be refunded on the double.

I know, there are people out there who will read the book and study the info and then ask for a refund. (Some People Are like that.) I also know that most people are cool and will see the time, effort and value in the book. Most people will want to study and take advantage of the email support and lifetime updates.

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Investing in your game today will get you on the lifetime updates list where you will receive all kinds of extra winning 8 ball information for years to come.

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Yes!, I want to study and learn the contents of  "8 Ball Winning Strategies" and become a pool playing legend in my circle of players. I can't wait to run out racks and play safe like the pros.

  • I understand that this knowledge specific to 8 Ball will have me understanding weather to plan for the run out or the safety from the start and through practicing execution of the knowledge, I will have the confidence and ability to control and win the 8 ball game.
  • I UNDERSTAND... there is a 60 day guarantee of this product and if I am unhappy I will receive my money back no questions asked. (8 Ball Winning Strategies and the 7 Part Billiards Fundamentals are ebooks in pdf format. You will need Adobe reader on your computer to read them and access the web pages and videos which they links to. Most Computers have this software already. If you do not, there is a link on the download page where you can get it Free.)

Stop the madness of missing easy shots and making the wrong decisions in your play. Find out how to play smart, build your confidence and win. Doesn't this sound better than being the average player who wins some and loses some? Set yourself ahead of the pack now.

Check out what these people had to say about the knowledge they received.

"Your course was well worth it."

Ted..I just went through your "course", and for a low end player like me, I picked up a lot of good pointers. It goes without saying, but I sure need to improve my shot making and pattern play shooting....I know that goes with a lot of continued practice. I'm in my late 70's and have only played for about 5 years, but I keep trying. The best part of your lesson for me was the breakout section, the comments on safeties, and to NEVER clear all one's balls except for one or two....try a safety instead. Your course was well worth it, and I shall view it many times. Perhaps a minor point.....In Part 16, page 29, you left out the link...!!!I also got a lot out of your pointers after you had been with Ken Tewksbury.....Thanks for all of your efforts....they all are a great help... LAWRENCE SCHARBACH

"I discovered several things I was doing to mess up"

Ted--Thanks so much for your Billiard Basic lessons! We have a pool table and my wife and I play just about every day, but I'd gone into a "slump" and was really shooting poorly. Thanks to your basics, I discovered several things I was doing to mess up, such as not following through, etc. Keep up the good work! Sincerely, Pastor Rix W. Tillman El Paso, Tx



"I began to shoot better than I ever had."

After not playing pool for a long time, about twenty years, I bought a pool table for my home after retirement. A couple of my buddies come and shoot 8 ball once in awhile. At first I was very rusty at it but I could still shoot a little straight. During Ted Mauro's Pool - Billiards 7 step Installment Instructions, I began to shoot better than I ever had. Not only did this program help me shoot better pool but it helped me get rid of some bad shooting habits and to focus more on my game. Thanks Ted, my draw, left and right English, and my overall game has improved. The seventh Installment has been the most useful instruction for me. I am still practicing and enjoying this part. I can now clean out six balls off the table most of the time. I know it will take awhile before I start with the seventh ball, but it is like Ted says, "Practice, Practice, Practice". Thanks a million Ted.

Mike Esquibel

"As a complete beginner to pool i found the lessons very helpful."

Hi Ted,Thanks for the seven free lessons, as a complete beginner to pool i found the lessons very helpful, especially the basic fundamentals of the game, then i started playing and decided i had to buy a table of my own so i could practice, practice, practice!!! i try to play every day.I have printed off your lessons and use them for drills for mypractice sessions for at least an hour every day. I find i can play the men now and only have one ball on the table at the end of the game, still need practice to beat them though!!!cheers and keep up the good work, will keep in touch.

julie weirPerth western australia

The above statements are the personal opinion of the writers and not a claim that everyone will benefit the same. Billiards is a game of skill and 8 Ball Winning Strategies is simply a guide for focused practice.

The typical reader will get value based on ability to comprehend and execute ideas in "8 Ball Winning Strategies".